Your office, virtual office, or meeting room. When you need it, where you need it, and for as long as you need it.

We offer you intelligent, fast, and simple ways of starting new activity’s, helping you open a new branch of your existing business, and solve temporary problems your business may face by providing a professional and secure business space.

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/ Dedicated workstation

We have offices suites at the best price from one to four workstations.

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Domicile your Companies
/ Virtual office

The most economical and smart way to have your company always taken care off.

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Meeting rooms
/ Training Rooms

A perfect place to hold business meetings, conferences, training seminar and beyond.

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An Office concept full of advantages

Developing your projects in our Business centers saves 80% on investment and 65% on monthly expenses. NO SURPRISES, ONLY MONEY SAVED.

Savings in investment

Do not spend money on furniture, equipment, phone, fax, copier, printer, rent of the premises, licensing, etc.

Savings in payroll

Savings in payroll qualified Secretary without the cost of selection, payroll, vacation, etc…

Cost Saving

Do not worry about your consumption of electricity, heating, air conditioning, water, repairs and maintenance, cleaning, security, etc... It is all inclusive.

Time Saving, less worries

Keep focused on your business. We will manage your office and solve any problems that may arise quickly and efficiently.

Companies that have trusted us:

Adecco B/S/H Claire´s Lindt Just eat Canadian solar